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Selecting the Best Grounding Materials- What to Consider

A grounding system contains a wiring or a utility meter base to connect it to the service base. This is not only important for electrical safety but is also good for your electrical system. According to experts, it’s important to have a resistant of 25 ohms. This means it may be required to drive more than one rod. Typically, these are used to connect the grounding systems of electrical to the ground. These rods are made from different materials but the most common types are galvanized steel and copper. For more details read, tiefenerder.

These materials are the best and also allow dangerous electricity to move to the ground thereby taking the danger away from you. Earth rods are normally 8” to 10” inches in length. These are the most popular sizes used in residential buildings. Earth rods should be a minimum of 8” long so that they are not cut off. However, if you are working on a very dry ground, you need to get a special clamp that will allow you to stack the rods. Also, you may add a second rod that is a better alternative. If possible, you need to get the ground rods in a moist area.